Guestbook Archive 2

Nothing but good things to say about DeKoel and the kitties… We picked up our wonderful baby girl, Duchess on Saturday, loved her so much we went back Sunday to get her brother Duke. They both are very loving and playful. They adapted to our house and kids right away and have been nothing but fun and loving since. I cant say enough about how easy they have become our pets and best friends. We have been asked already, several times, where we got them and we were happy to recommend DeKoel to everyone. We love our new babies. :D

Added: October 4, 2014

Lovely webpages!! We have been breeders of Persians for over 40 years!We also operate a ‘cats only’ grooming spa. I had the honor of grooming two of the nicest and well behaved, Ragdolls, that I have EVER handled!Bella and Bentley have fabulous, easy to mange coats. They came to us in fantastic condition. You could tell that they were VERY WELL BRED!! Congratulations on your very wonderful kittens.Their Mom, Lindsay is ‘head over heels’ in love with these kids.. The whole family adores them.

Sue and Kerry Williams

Added: April 23, 2014

I received my second kitten from DeKoel in Aug and couldn’t be happier. Both of my cats from Ranchin Ragz are huge healthy and make my life complete. They have become so much a part of our lives it is amazing. Peggy-Sue and Monie both are very intelligent animals and are so easy to train to do a few little tricks. I wouldn’t ever dream of getting another kitten unless it was from DeKoel. She is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of talking to and is always there even after we received our cats to answer any questions and help out in any way. Thanks again for the second wonder in my life!!

Added: December 18, 2013

We got our precious kitten Lilly last November and it was one of the best decisions we have made yet. She has the best personality, loves water, car rides, playing fetch, children- actually all people and is full of love and energy. She has the loudest purr and is always so happy. I would recommend Ranchinragz to anyone. DeKoel raises extremely healthy and beautiful well taken care of kittens and is so helpful with any questions. Thanks DeKoel for our Lilly! 😮

Added: October 18, 2013

Thanks DeKoel for my wonderful kitten Chaos (Maxwell x Josie). She’s pretty awesome! There’s no other way to describe her.:)

She settled in amazingly quickly and has taken absolutely everything in stride from flying up here with me to meeting the 3 dogs she shares the house with. She was getting them in trouble within days of being let loose with all 3 about 2 weeks after I got her home.

So far she’s been an absolute angel, though this week she seems to have decided that it’s pretty fun to unroll and shred the toilet paper.:)

Added: August 11, 2013

I received my kitten this past Nov and couldn’t be happier. From the first moment I picked her up in Regina from the airport I fell in love. A very bright and intelligent kitten. She gives “kisses” when you ask for them, she touches her nose to yours then reaches up and licks your forehead. She sits on my lap when I have my morning coffee in my big comfy chair. I am looking at another “adoption” from DeKoel, this lady raises amazingly beautiful and extremely healthy cats. DeKoel is such a kind helpful person and did not mind at all any of my questions, and there were lots. I would recommend a kitten from Ranchin Ragz anytime!!! Thanks DeKoel for the new love of my life :)

Added: January 10, 2013

We got our new Kitten from Dekoel almost 5 month ago after we lost our lovely cat , I was very sceptical to find same personality as my previous cat but I was wrong , our new kitten is full of love , energy and even more than I was expecting , Dekoel is a great lady and knows what she is doing and will answer all your questions , We are thinking to adopt another kitten from Dekoel but we still waiting as her kitten always reserve and lucky you if you got one.
Thanks Dekoel

Added: February 10, 2013

I got my first kitten from DeKoel in November, and it was the best decision I had made in a while. The cat is adorable, friendly, well behaved, and came with all the basic training (litter and scratching post). DeKoel herself was extremely generous with answering questions, and her love for her animals is unadulterated and obvious. She has been extremely helpful with questions, both before the purchase and after. The price was high but you truly do get what you pay for.

Thanks DeKoel and RanchinRagz!

Added: December 22, 2012

Just wanted everyone to know that I HIGHLY recommend Ranchin’ Ragz. My two kittens (one blue mitted traditional male and one female mink mitted seal) have been at my home now for one week. They adapted very well and very good with my three year old daughter.

DeKoel was EXTREMELY helpfull with all my questions. I wouldn’t be surprised if I go back to DeKoel for another one (or two)!!

Added: November 4, 2012

Just want to let anyone know who is thinking of a Ragdoll kitten—I am so very pleased with mine who has now been in my home for a week. RanchinragZ is wonderful. Sam my bi-color arrived safe and sound via WestJet. He settled into my house of 1 other Ragdoll and my puppy within less than an hour…..totally laid back, totally sweet and playful. I have had Ragdoll cats since the the early 80ès—at one time being a breeder of this wonderful cat. I fully believe this Cattery is one which you can be confident in getting a Ragdoll that is everything the literaue speaks about. I love my Sam —thanks DeKoel!!!!!

Added: January 21, 2012