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Our family adopted Diego and Chico as young adults in 2011. The boys were brothers and where born March of 2010. Diego has an exceptional personality. He seems to gravitate to children with special needs. He is so calm and the classic Ragdoll temperament and personality with a ‘blaze’ of kitten play! He was going to be a therapy cat, but due to my health I was unable to complete his training. Chico is smaller but a ball of furry love! The boys are healthy. Full of life. Love to meet children especially and dogs and even have a rabbit as a friend too. I can not imagine our family without these two boys. I still think of DeKoel fondly as she helped complete our family.

Added: January 6, 2016

We got our 2 precious boys a year ago and have never been happier with the quality of our Giorgio and Armani. They took to the kids right away and have bonded with the 2 older dogs that we had at home for 9 years already with no issues. The boys have great personalities and our one guy is actually bigger that our Yorkie Poo and almost as big as our Schipperke. Healthy, active true markings from great breeding lines and full of playfulness. They love to snuggle and Armani talks to us like crazy and is very vocal. Overall the best pets we have ever owned and want to thank you for such an amazing experience with our first contact with you right up to the follow up after we had them back and home and settled in. When it comes time to look for another furry family member you will be the first one we contact for sure. Kids love them to death and we could not have been happier. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Added: December 9, 2015

Wanted to send a HUGE thank you to DeKoel for helping us complete our furfamily!
From the first email to the pickup at the airport, DeKoel was there to answer questions we had and coach us in preparation for Scotch’s arrival.
He has the best temperment ever, so laid back, calm and docile but has such a fun, playful, cuddly side too!
He is absolutely gorgeous in his markings and we couldn’t be happier,
he completes this family of four humans and a Bernedoodle named Goose!
Thanks again DeKoel,
The Ediger’s

Added: September 2, 2015

We just brought home our new baby kitten last weekend and we are just thrilled to pieces with her. It took about 10 months to get the specific Seal Point Mitted Mink Female Ragdoll that we wanted but it was so worth the wait. Our new kitten is just adorable. She follows us around, cuddles and purrs on our lap, calls out when she can’t find us, and is just a gorgeous playful bundle of fun. She is great with our 2 year old daughter and other cats. DeKoel with Ranchin’ Rags raises beautiful, healthy and well socialized Ragdolls and I would highly recommend her kittens and cats.

Added: February 6, 2015

We are thrilled with our two kittens Jasper and Lily (Maxwell X Hershey). They are so sweet and have so much personality. We are very happy we were able to get a pair of siblings – it’s wonderful to watch them play together, they love each other and are great company. We would recommend Ranchin Ragz to anyone looking for beautiful, healthy, well-bred ragdolls.

Added: February 5, 2015

Would love to let everyone know how wonderful my experience with Dekoel was. She is one if the sweetest people I’ve met! Her cats and kittens are amazing. Dekoel went above and beyond helping me choose the perfect cat for my family and getting her to us. I bought a beautiful cat named Hershey, 3 yrs old, a retired Momma! Couldn’t be happier with my choice Hershey is so good natured, full of love. Also wonderful with my son who is just turning a year old. They are the best of friends it’s really cute!

Added: January 30, 2015

We had been wanting a Ragdoll for a few years now and spent a lot of time researching the breed and good breeders in Alberta. We looked into so many different breeders and found Ranchin’ Ragz to be the best. DeKoel gives the best quality care for all of her cats and kittens. Even the veterinarian we took our little boy to for a check up said she is a great reputable breeder and knows more about her cats/kittens than most breeders do.

Our little boy, Duke, has been such an amazing kitten with the best personality and so much affection. We could’t help ourselves…we had to go back to get his little sister, Nala. We now have two amazing ragdoll kittens and couldn’t be happier. We would recommend ragdoll cats and Ranchin’ Ragz to anyone.

Taylor and Jody

Added: January 5, 2015

We received my first cat from DeKoel in December. He has absolutely delighted us and has settled in so quickly. He is everything a Ragdoll is said to be. He follows us around everywhere, loves to play and is very affectionate. He gets along great with our two dogs too. In fact we love him so much we are buying his brother. It promises a great future for our family. Thank you DeKoel for such a wonderful gift. :D

Added: January 4, 2015

I’ve been wanting to get a cat for a really long time, and when I finally decided to look into adopting one I decided on a Ragdoll since one of my mom’s friends had one and he was so calm and sweet I figured the breed would be a good match for me since I hadn’t had pets before. I started out getting one kitten from DeKoel, and then I just had to go back and get him a little buddy to play with. Both kittens are amazing, and they were very easy to train and they adjusted quickly to the house and us.
I also cannot say enough about how much I appreciate DeKoel’s help, she was always quick to answer any questions I had and was nice enough to watch the kittens while my family and I went on vacation.

Added: January 4, 2015

The past six months have been so much fun. We picked our two boys up at the begining of June and are very happy with our decision to get two ragdolls. If you can take two, I suggest you do so. They are so happy to have each other as company. DeKoel was so fantastic answering any and all questions that we had. I recommend Ranchin Ragz for anyone looking for an amazing cat or cats.

Thank you DeKoel

Added: November 21, 2014